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Summer Celebration #6 – More Agent Signings!

Summer Celebration #6 – More Agent Signings!

We are proud 12 x 12 parents and this is our refrigerator! More agent signing news from this year to share with you today! Say congrats to these hard working writers for signing with an agent!

Signed! Here’s Who Got Agents

Kirsti Call signed with Emma Sector at Prospect Literary! Hooray!

Kirsti Call with Emma Sector

Julie Ditchburn Patton signed with Lindsay Davis Auld at Writers House! Woohoo!

Julie Ditchburn Patton with Lindsay Davis Auld

Kim Rogers signed with Tricia Lawrence at the Erin Murphy Literary Agency! Go YOU!

Kim Rogers with Tricia Lawrence

Carolyn Leiloglou signed with Bibi Lewis at the Ethan Ellenberg Literary Agency! Way to go!

Carolyn Leiloglou with Bibi Lewis

Gayle Krause signed with Rebecca Angus at Golden Wheat Literary! You are awesome!

Gayle Krause with Rebecca Angus

Vicky Fang signed with Elizabeth Bennett of the Jill Corcoran Literary Agency! Happy dance!!

Vicky Fang with Elizabeth Bennett


Congratulations to Kirsti, Julie, Kim, Carolyn, Gayle, and Vicky! We are so excited for you, we can’t stand it!

12 x 12 members, if you have good news about a new book, agent signings, book deal, or writing award, share it with us. You’ll find the link to the Good News form in the forum under Important Announcements.


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