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12 X 12 August 2019 Check-In

12 x 12 August 2019 Check-In

I did not write a new draft in August, but I am okay with that. I was gone for the first two weeks of the month, and in that time I GOT A BOOK DEAL! So the remainder of my writing time for the month was taken up by revisions based on feedback from my editor. The revisions were approved this week, so now I can move on to other projects. YAY!! That’s pretty much the best reason I’ve ever had for not getting a monthly draft done. 😉

What about you?

Tell us your progress. Did you complete a draft and/or revision in August? Let us know in the Rafflecopter and in the comments. August Featured Author Rita Hubbard is offering an autographed copy of her book HAMMERING FOR FREEDOM to one lucky winner this month!

Thank you, Rita, for giving back to 12 x 12!

Here is what you need to do to check in for a chance to win:

  1. See the Rafflecopter widget at the end of this post that says “An Autographed Book from Rita Hubbard” at the top.
  2. Click on the “Comment on Rita’s post” button. Commenting on Rita’s post is mandatory for this giveaway and you can enter the Rafflecopter even if you didn’t write a draft this month. You can comment on the post here.  Click ENTER.
  3. Click on the “Wrote a PB Draft” button. This will ask if you completed a PB draft in August. If you did, click ENTER, if not, click cancel and move on to the next step.
  4. Click on the last “Revised a PB Draft” button. This will ask if you revised a PB in August. If you did, click ENTER. If not, click cancel and move on to the next step.
  5. That’s it! Rafflecopter will track your points.

You have until midnight Eastern on September 4th to enter your results. Rafflecopter will draw a winner and it will be announced on the blog on September 5th.

(Remember, monthly draft and revision badges are awarded separately from your Rafflecopter entry. Watch this handy tutorial to find out how to get your badges. CLICK HERE.)

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  1. Once again I did not accomplish what I wanted to. I am still having health problems and I learned that another operation may be in my future. CRAP!! However, I did manage to write a new draft and I revised one of my old Storystorm stories.

  2. It’s been a pretty productive month for me. I’ve jotted down several new ideas or starts of ideas, revised a few picture books to some level or another. One enough to send to my critique group again. I hadn’t really completed a new full draft of anything, so I did that today. I’m happy to say I now have a pretty decent draft of something that’s been bumbling around in my brain for a while.

    Thanks to you all!

  3. Yes–a productive month all around, with a new draft, a couple of revisions (that are almost ready to send out), two query letters, and a bunch of research for agents. Whew! I am also accumulating my share of rejections. I also managed to do some lawn work!

  4. Great news about the book deal! Yay! I had a bit of an odd month, as I began temping to earn some money, and it sucked up pretty all of my writing time up. But I did manage a couple of revisions and a very, very rough draft, so am pleased with that!

  5. Can’t believe it’s already September. Where is the time going? Had a great month writing and revising, presenting, and drawing, and am working on my September draft. Feeling sentimental about time lately like it’s all going by too quickly.

  6. Yep I’ve been very good in writing and revising as well as entered the RYS contest and received three rejections, one of which was a lovely personal one.
    Looking forward to September and our spring weather. 🙂

  7. I’m the Little-Engine-that-Didn’t post on 12 x 12 this month! (Although I spent three hours each week critiquing other’s stories. I learn much from reading the talent of 12 x 12 participants.) In August, I played around with two new ideas, jotted down possible arcs, and stuck the ideas inside file folders. The folders didn’t make it into stories that I could post on 12 x 12 for critique comments. Also, I reworked a lyrical bedtime story that I had posted on 12 x 12 two months ago, for I decided to use Vivian Kirkfield’s Critique Services. WOW! Vivian is a phenomenal mentor. My story bloomed into the magical realm of storytelling with heart, humor, and song that I was seeking. The rest of August was spent reworking another PB that I began last year. So…no new draft posts or revisions on 12 x 12, but a fulfilling month of writing.
    By the way, I’m applauding while I boogie and jive to celebrate your BOOK DEAL, Julie! YOU are a wonder with how you keep up your writing in the midst of all that you do within the Kidlit community! So glad for you. You must be doing your own unique “Happy Dance” that I so often enjoy watching on the 12 x 12 Webinars. Sending you energy and continued success on your own writing journey!

  8. I did write my draft and revised as well. It was in a very different style than I normally write. But I haven’t been very active on 12×12. So that is my September goal!!

  9. Congratulations on your book deal, Julie!!!
    I wrote 2 shiny new drafts this month (and now I’m caught up for the year with 8) AND I revised a story.

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