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Tuesday 12 X 12 – Jarmila Del Boccio

Tuesday 12 x 12 – Jarmila del Boccio

12 x 12 Member Jarmila del Boccio

What can I say about Jarmila del Boccio? Jarm was an inaugural 12 x 12 member and I am humbled to read how 12 x 12 has helped her grow and develop as a writer. Jarm perfectly summarizes the many serendipitous ways members have made connections in their careers and their lives. Thank you, Jarm, for all YOU’VE contributed to this community. Keep writing those stories from that great big heart of yours, Jarm! They will find their proper home. 

How can I describe the 12 x 12 group?  It’s camaraderie, a kick in the pants, a cheer from the sidelines, a writer’s course, connections . . . and more.

I’m all about connections. In fact, my blog is called, “Making the Write Connections.” And that’s what I love about 12 x 12. All the fabulous connections I have made in the last few years. Writers, authors, publishers, agents, media gurus, librarians. . .the list goes on.

My first encounter in the writing arena was with Tara Lazar and PiBoIdMo, (Picture Book Idea Month). Don’t ask me how I discovered it, but I actually remember where I was the day I found PiBoIdMo on the Internet. And I truly believe it was a God-thing.

Through that connection, I discovered Julie Hedlund, as she celebrated the 2nd anniversary of her blog. I commented on her post, and won a critique! Escaping to downtown Chicago, I spent time rewriting the PB manuscript she had artfully critiqued. Soon afterwards, she began 12 x 12. I have never known a more vibrant, talented, entrepreneurial woman like Julie. Her energy is amazing. . .and infectious. I signed up for the very first 12 x 12, and I was hooked. So many possibilities. . . so much inspiration . . . so many connections!

It was uphill from there, as I made these connections during my journey:

I need challenges to keep me on course. These have helped me hone my writing skills, thanks to the connections in 12×12:

12 x 12 ButtonI’ve been encouraged by my online writer friends (too many to mention, but each special in their own way), WOW 10 Critique Group (you know who you are!), and writer’s conferences I have attended:

So many benefits. And yet, I struggle:

I should have been born in an earlier century. I love and read classical/Biblical literature. I’m drawn to the rich, antiquated language, old fashioned stories with morals, and the traditional family, since I see through Biblical lenses. I want my readers (yes, even the little ones) to hear and appreciate those words, raising the bar with my text or use of language. This does not automatically translate into the most sought after manuscripts!

So you see, I don’t fit into a mold. But, thanks to 12 x 12, and all the connections I have made, I can always find a friendly word of encouragement from authors, agents and editors to keep me energized and on the steady path to publication.

But, I still have challenges. How can I spend my writing time wisely? Encourage my fellow writers? Build my platform?

Although I don’t have the answers yet, I know, as I weave through the connections I have made via 12 x 12, the answer will come. It may be around the corner. I just have to keep on writing!

Jarm (‘J’ pronounced as a ‘Y’) Del Boccio has come to the writing world later in life. As she focuses on Biblical  fiction and real life stories, Jarm’s passion is to make Scripture and history come alive for her readers.  Jarm finds her inspiration in everyday life, but in particular, when she travels the globe, observing the quirky things that happen along the way. You can learn about those experiences in her blog, Making the Write Connections, or connect with her on Twitter or Goodreads. Jarm is content with the journey God has placed her on, and lives with her husband, son and daughter (when they are not at college), and two Ragdoll cats in a tree-lined suburb of Chicago.

You can find Jarm on Pinterest at


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  1. I loved reading this! Thanks for sharing your journey here with us. I write out of deep personal need, but I can’t fathom pursuing spreading my writing around. The sheer monumental task of undertaking writing for an audience – sound entirely daunting. You have great courage to pursue this course – and I watch from afar with admiration and hope that the world will discover the blessing in your writing.

    1. Thank you, Sarah. . .what a lovely thing to say. I pray it will be a blessing someday, too. Consider joining the 12×12 group if you haven’t already. We will cheer you on to publication!

  2. Hi Jarmilla, love what you said about “making the write connections.” 12×12 has done that for me and more. I haven’t been able to log in as much as I’d like in the last few weeks, but just knowing the community is there does a lot to lift my spirits! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  3. Thanks, Jarm! I love the honesty and optimism of your post. I wish you the best as you continue your writing journey

  4. Jarm…I hope next time I am in Chicago visiting my son, we’ll be able to touch base and get together to chat…that would be awesome! I love your story…and have loved meeting you at all the hot spots…PiBoIdMo, 12×12, Susanna Hill’s blog…too many to mention. 😉 Congratulations on all you have accomplished and hats off for your determination and passion for providing young children with beautiful stories. 🙂

  5. Great post! Stay true to your vision, and you will succeed. You may only be one connection away. Good luck!

  6. None of us know which connections will bear fruit, so you certainly have a lot of opportunities ripening. Looking forward to seeing you this weekend, roomie!

    1. Thanks, Wendy! I can’t believe the retreat is less than a week away. Looking forward to sharing all the good things we will glean from our time there. Sure glad we have a ‘quiet’ room! ;-}

  7. Way to surround yourself with so many great experiences, Jarm! So happy we’re in this together. 🙂 Thanks for the ReFoReMo shout out, too! I’m so glad it was an educational/motivational experience for you.

  8. So fun to read more about you, Jarm! And thanks for that hint of how to pronounce your name. I’m so glad I’ve gotten to know you in the kidlit world!

  9. Hi Jarm,
    Loved seeing the photos and your comments. Must have come into blog too late to find out what motivated a trip to Europe. Not that we need too much encouragement! Now a technical question. Putting photos and text on line sounds way out of my knowledge. How did you manage that and a trip, too?

    1. Hi Joan!
      Since we homeschooled through HS, we used it as an opportunity to extend our history class onsite. We took a trip every other year or so. As far as the blogposts, I learned bit by bit as I went along. I have a blogger app on my iPad, so I used that to post. Very elementary, not like being back at home with my laptop!

  10. Jarm, thanks for your post. I also found Julie through Tara and I agree that making connections is important. It’s why we do this in the first place, right? To make connections with our readers.

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