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Peter Brown: September 12 X 12 Featured Author

Peter Brown: September 12 x 12 Featured Author

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Peter-Brown-237x300Today I have the pleasure of welcoming Caldecott Honor-winning author/illustrator Peter Brown to our 12 x 12 featured author series. I have been a HUGE fan of Peter’s work for years so, needless to say, I was excited to learn that I would get to meet him at the NJ-SCBWI conference where we were both on faculty this past June.

Being the shy type, I barged right up to him at the cocktail party, told him I use Children Make Terrible Pets in nearly all of my school visits, and asked him to be a featured author for 12 x 12. I don’t think he had any idea what he was agreeing to, but he said yes, and HERE HE IS! 

Peter and I spoke for almost an hour, and I know we’re all busy. Therefore I painstakingly, torturingly (why yes, I DID just invent a new adverb) cut it down to just under 30 minutes to keep it manageable. Also, I must tell you I was a hot mess during this interview. Literally. I had just finished a run on a hot summer day, and it was approximately 9000 degrees in my house because my swamp cooler was on the fritz. So if I’m looking a bit pinkish / oompa loompa-like, you’ll know why. Okay – I’ll put my vanity aside now.

Peter has very generously offered to critique either a picture book manuscript (author only) or a sketch dummy Mr.-Tiger

(author/illustrator) from this month’s winning 12 x 12 participant. So if I were you I would plan to get your drafts and revisions done this month to give yourselves the best possible chance of winning! :-)

If you want to show Peter your appreciation for his contribution to 12 x 12, be sure to BUY HIS BRAND NEW BOOK – Mr. Tiger Goes Wild. It hits bookstores on September 3rd.

One last thing. I was so inspired by Peter’s keynote speech at NJ-SCBWI, I wrote a blog post about it afterward. So be sure to check that out too! Now, please welcome Peter…

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  1. Peter Brown was great. I will now be harder on myself and my manuscripts. Not to mention I will generate more work so if an opportunity available itself to me I will be prepared to pounce on it. Thank you Julie and Peter Brown.

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