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WHAT IS 12x12?

12 x 12 is a playground for picture book writers! The challenge is designed to motivate writers to write 12 picture book drafts in 12 consecutive months. Members participate in an exclusive forum and a very active Facebook group where they can ask questions, find critique partners and share their journeys to getting their books published. There are two different levels of membership. To find the membership level that’s right for you, click HERE to go to our membership level page.

I’m new to writing picture books. Will 12 x 12 benefit me?

YES! The best way to improve your writing is to write. By offering a monthly deadline, 12 x 12 offers the motivation to get your writing done. Plus, you can connect with fellow writers to form critique groups. At the Shel SILVERstein and Little GOLDen Book levels, you can post in the Manuscript Makeover section and get feedback directly within the forum.

I’m a published picture book author. Is there any benefit to me to join 12 x 12?

YES! We award monthly badges and prizes for writing as well as revising. Those deadlines will help you keep pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard). Plus, SILVER and GOLD Members can share their book trailers, event announcements and online services in the forum.

Plus, our monthly webinars with industry professionals will help you keep your pulse on what’s happening in the world of kidlit.

Should I still join if I don’t think I can write 12 picture book drafts in one year?

ABSOLUTELY! Not all 12 x 12 members write 12 picture books in 12 months, but most members will say they wrote and revised more than they would have on their own. The group provides accountability to encourage consistent writing and support to keep writing when you’re just not feeling it. Who can understand the ups and downs of writing better than your fellow writers?

I’m concerned about sharing my drafts online and having to submit them at the end of the month. How is this information protected?

12 x 12 is about motivation, and it’s on the honor system. You do NOT submit your completed drafts to us at the end of the month. Sharing is completely optional. Forum is members-only and you can ask to have your manuscript removed at any time.

I also write Middle Grade and/or YA. Should I join 12 x 12?

If you write picture books, 12 x 12 is for you. We have members that also write Middle Grade and YA, but the focus of 12 x 12 is squarely on picture books.

I’m in! How can I register for 12 x 12?

12 x 12 is a calendar year challenge and runs January through December each year. Participants can register in January & February for that year’s challenge. If you’re reading this in January or February, we’d love to have you join us by registering HERE. If you’re reading this during any other month of the year, we welcome you to join us next year. You can get on our information list by clicking HERE so you don’t miss a thing in the new year.

What are the fees to join 12 x 12?

Please consult our registration page for this year’s fees.

Do you offer a payment plan for 12 x 12 membership?

We offer GOLD members the opportunity to pay in full or in two payments (one in January, and one in February).

We do not offer payment plans for SILVER, but you may independently utilize a credit service such as PayPal Credit or another of your choosing. Full payment is required upon registration. SILVER members have a 30-day money-back guarantee. We also offer two types of 12 x 12 scholarships. You can find out more information about our scholarship program HERE.

How can I apply for a scholarship?

Please see our Scholarship information HERE for details on how to apply for a 12 x 12 scholarship. The scholarship application period is usually in late fall for the next year’s 12 x 12 challenge. We have a limited amount of scholarships available for writers of diverse books and those needing financial assistance.

Add yourself to our notification list to be notified when we will be accepting your next round of scholarship applications.

What is your refund policy?

There is a 30-day money back guarantee for SILVER members. Because the number of GOLD memberships are limited, there are no refunds for GOLD.

I want to register for the Little GOLDen Books level so I can submit to agents. How do I do that?

Little GOLDen Book membership is only available to members who have participated in 12 x 12 in the previous year. GOLD spots are offered first to returning GOLD members. Remaining spots are then offered to Shel SILVERstein members on a lottery basis.

So if you want to move to GOLD within a year, your best chance to do so will be if you join at the SILVER level. SILVER members get added into the lottery equal to their years of consecutive membership, so the sooner you join, the better your chances of getting to GOLD!

What level should I join if I want the best chance of getting a spot in Little GOLDen Book next year?

Join at the SILVER level as soon as possible (each year of membership counts as a point in the lottery) and don’t let your membership lapse.

Little GOLDen Book spots are offered first to returning GOLD members. Remaining spots are then offered to Shel SILVERstein members on a lottery basis. SILVER members get added into the lottery once per year of consecutive membership (from 2014 on), so the sooner you join, the better your chances of getting to GOLD!

Do you have a list of participating agents?

We have a mix of different agents each year. To see agents who are participating this year and who have participated in past years, please check our Agents Page.

I’m a 12 x 12 member. How do I log in to the forum and/or join the Facebook group?

Please email Kelli Panique at with a copy of your receipt and we’ll get you up and running!

I just registered for 12 x 12. Now what?

Welcome! Please look for our welcome message at the email address associated with your payment transaction. Please check your spam (or Promotions folder, if you’re using Gmail) if you don’t see it in your inbox and add to your list of contacts and/or safe senders so our messages can make it to you.

If you don’t see the welcome message with instructions for logging on to the forum and the Facebook within 2 hours of registering, please send a copy of your receipt to Kelli Panique at

How can I become a 12 x 12 agent?

We’d love to hear more about you and your agency! Please contact Kelli at

Any other questions?

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