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12 X 12 Success Story: Miranda Paul

12 x 12 Success Story: Miranda Paul

Miranda PaulMany of you know Miranda Paul already, as she is one of the most generous members of our community. She’s an inaugural member of 12 x 12, has been a Featured Author and a Critique Ninja, will be a webinar speaker this year, AND will be offering two mentorships to two 12 x 12 members very soon.

This minute, Miranda is on a book tour celebrating the release of her newest title AND 12 x 12 draft from 2013, WHOSE HANDS ARE THESE? I thought we could help her celebrate by sharing her incredible success story at the same time. After the video, check out the photo Miranda was nice enough to contribute to the 12 x 12 5-year birthday celebration in New York earlier this month. Proof that doing the work AND actively participating in the community is a sure recipe for success. Congratulations, Miranda!

Not a member of 12 x 12 yet? There are only 7 days left to register for 2016. Join us!

All of these books began as 12 x 12 drafts! 12 x 12 Miranda Paul books 640x360

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  1. Congratulations, Miranda, on your fabulous successes! I remember you from that first year. Water is Water is such a beautiful book! So great to see how 12 x 12 inspired and motivated you.

  2. Miranda,
    Congratulations on your wonderful success thus far. I’m glad 12×12 had such an impact on you. I would love to
    have you as a mentor. I love your positive attitude, your extroverted character and your stick to it behaviors. This is my second year in 12×12. I have many manuscripts but need to work more on my
    revisions. You obviously are good at that considering your four publications! Great job.

  3. Congratulations Miranda. Your story is inspiring. I’m sure you have many more fun drafts on their way to becoming books!

  4. CONGRATULATIONS, Miranda! What a wonderful and inspiring journey you’ve had! Thanks for the encouragement to keep with it and to keep going forward!
    All the Best!

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