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12 X 12 Success Story: Andrea Loney

12 x 12 Success Story: Andrea Loney

Andrea LoneyYou are in for a treat with Andrea J. Loney’s 12 x 12 success story. Not only does her energy and enthusiasm ooze out of the video, but she also touches on every aspect of 12 x 12 – motivation, accountability, community, the Facebook Group, critique groups, webinars, querying, and ultimately, SUCCESS! Since joining 12 x 12, Andrea has written dozens of manuscripts, signed with an agent, and gotten two book deals, one of which is the result of winning the Lee & Low New Voices award. Expect more great things from Andrea!

Not a member of 12 x 12 yet? Only three days (including today) left to join. Registration closes at midnight PST on Monday, February 29th. Next chance will be 2017.

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  1. Fantastic! Congratulations Andrea. The community of 12×12 also keeps me accountable and motivated and practicing my craft. It is great to watch a video and meet our members and hear from them.

  2. Well done on your success Andrea. You are spot on about 12×12 community. It is lovely to see and hear from one of members.

  3. Andrea, this was so encouraging. I think there are so many writers that take rejection as a sign that they don’t have the skill, instead of as another opportunity to learn and improve. Rejection letters are still trophies for trying!

  4. Congrats, Andrea. Your amazing success story is a combination of so many parts — 12 x 12, a wonderful critique group, and your determination to push yourself in spite of rejections. I applaud you for your grit and persistence and wish you only the best in your journey.

  5. So happy to hear your story, Andrea. I also appreciate the reach of 12×12; it is like having a tool kit right beside you, right when you need an answer.

  6. Congrats Andrea! This is so inspiring and encouraging and just reassures me that I am right where I need to be with this program!

  7. Great story, and love your enthusiasm. I love that you got your present two days before Christmas. It was Christmas before Christmas.

  8. I love your upbeat success story. I hope to have a lot more manuscripts, too. That’s what I hope 12×12 will inspire in me: more and better work!

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