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Tanusri Prasanna was born and raised in India, and has strong roots in the sub-continent. She comes to publishing from a background in law, holding an LLM from Harvard Law School, and a PhD in jurisprudence and human rights law from Oxford University. At Foundry, Tanusri represents adult non-fiction and children’s books.  In the children’s space, she’s drawn to well-plotted middle-grade and young adult fiction (both contemporary and fantasy) written with heart and humor, smart, meaningful and funny picture books, and voice-driven children’s nonfiction featuring fascinating aspects of our world.

Here is what Tanusri had to say when asked what she is looking for in picture books today:

“Smart, funny, high-concept texts with a strong hook, meaningful texts, and books that celebrate the everyday life and experiences of children from different kinds of backgrounds. I’m not looking for rhyming texts (unless they have a really interesting premise like Iggy Peck Architect for e.g.), overly sentimental stories or issue-based texts.”

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