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12 X 12 Success Story: Vivian Kirkfield

12 x 12 Success Story: Vivian Kirkfield

Vivian KirkfieldTo continue our series on 12 x 12 Picture Book Writing Challenge Success Stories, today we’re shining the spotlight on Vivian Kirkfield. Just last week, Publisher’s Weekly announced her very first book deal – SWEET DREAMS SARAH – to be published by Creston Books.

Vivian is one of the hardest working, kindest, most encouraging and enthusiastic people I’ve ever been privileged to know. During her tenure in 12 x 12, she’s written dozens of drafts, kept submitting in the face of multiple rejections, all while cheering on the successes of everyone else in the community. In 2015, she both signed with an agent and got a book deal. It’s such a pleasure to be able to return the favor now and share hers. Congratulations, Vivian!

Do you want to join 12 x 12 and one day share your own success stories? You should act quickly because 2016 registration is only open for another month. After February 29, your next chance to join will be 2017. Check out our Membership page for more information.

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    1. Congratulations dear, sweet Vivian!!!!!
      This is truly a success story, and one we all should hear as we go on our journey…Vivian joined 12×12, she surrounded herself with like minded children’s writers, attended conferences/retreats, studied her craft, wrote, rewrote, subbed for critiques, submitted, received rejections, paid attention to feedback, subbed to critiquers again, subbed to professionals again and again, and YAY!!!!!!!
      I was on the fence about joining 12×12 this year mostly because of $$$, so I talked to friends. Vivian was one who helped me make my decision to be here for 2016.

    2. I love the story of how your picture book ‘came to life.’ Your journey is truly inspirational and I’m grateful that you shared your experience with us. Thanks for talking about what motivated you. I am just figuring out how to write picture books and I believe that 12×12 is a great place to learn.

  1. Oh, Julie, these lovely stories are gems and jewels in our writing journey. I have been so slow to submit and the few I have made have all been rejections, but Vivian’s story so resonates. We are all in this journey together and i have not been participating enough in this beautiful supportive 12×12 group. I do have a fanstastic critique group formed from 12×12 members, which is a huge blessing in my life.
    And, every time I get on facebook and do any 12×12 thing, I am realizing the truth in all of what Vivian has said.
    So, kudos to Vivian. Lots of hard work and adding the camaraderie and support of 12ers is key!
    Vivian, congratulations! I feel so proud for you!
    And Julie, you are our “picture book queen of goal-accomplishment”. You love us and we are your little flock. I feel that and thank you.

  2. Three cheers for Vivian! Great video success story. You did the work of learning your craft with passion and determination. You are an inspiration to others and sweet and generous friend.

  3. Vivian, i am delighted for you and I love the title as I have a daughter Sarah. How long will it take before this book comes out? I know the waiting is a time . You have already kindly connected with me and I am so pleased for you now. Hearing your voice i can also hear your joy, your delight in life. Happy writing and more success to you . Jane

  4. That’s a great story Vivian and I wish you the best of luck with this one, and the ones to come! I’m really enjoying your presence in the writing community… I’ve had the pleasure to read your comments on the Christmas special by Julie last month, on David Seow’s blog (I’m based in Singapore and have had the pleasure of meeting Dave a few times during the SCBWI meetings), and now here! Thank you for your invaluable contribution. As someone who still has much to learn, I’m lucky to be surrounded by people like you!

  5. Vivian, I really enjoyed hearing your story. You are an inspiration to us all! Congratulations and keep up the amazing work.

  6. Dear Vivian,
    Just now as I was checking in to complete my first month, I was sidetracked by this awesomely dressed woman wearing a black dress with a full skirt. Who is she?

    I am so glad I read your success story. Your book sounds inspiring. It is now on my list of must reads. Congratulations on your success, Vivian. And thank you for wearing that lovely dress against that green background–it stopped me in my tracks and led me to the sort of story I needed just now.

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