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12 x 12 Success Story: Tim McCanna

Tim McCannaOn registration day, I shared Marcie Colleen’s 12 x 12 success story. Today it’s Tim McCanna’s turn.

Tim is another inaugural member of 12 x 12, going into his fifth year of membership. Since joining 12 x 12, he’s published a storybook app and a print book with Little Bahalia Publishing, signed with an agent, and signed four book deals!

Another important fact about Tim is that he is a talented musician, and even created our 12 x 12 Jingle Video that you see on the home page. Haven’t seen it yet? Click here! He also did the music for my two storybook apps, A TROOP IS A GROUP OF MONKEYS and A SHIVER OF SHARKS. Both of those links take you to the book trailers if you want to hear his songs.

Want to join 12 x 12 and have YOUR success story featured one day? sure to check out the Membership Page for details on how to sign up. Remember, registration is only open in January and February. Hope to see you on the other side!

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  1. I too am joining after participating for the first time in PiBoIdMo & I’m looking forward to bringing some of my creations to life. Thanks Tim!

  2. Tim, I love how you stated that’s OK to go back to manuscript and do a rewrite. It can feel like a whole new story by the time you’re done with this process. I also feel like being a part of the community of other picture book writers makes the journey far more enjoyable and I won’t have to celebrate that first success alone!

  3. I also know what it’s like to being impelled to write and to do it in isolation. I need the company and critique from others. Hoping i can be original like you. I love music too and love to include songs in books.

  4. Yay, Tim! You are soo right about 12×12 giving you some form of checking in and accountability. It works for me even if I’m not always successful at creating a new PB or revising one. It gives me another chance each month to get back on course. Have a great time at Asilomar this year. After attending for the past three years, I won’t be able to join in the fun this time. I plan to be back next year. Cheers!

  5. Thank you Tim! I love your comments about finding confidence and community through 12X12. I am excited to start my first year and love the inspiration emanating from the group. Here’s to a great year!

  6. Thank you Tim. Being a new writer, and stepping into unexplored terrain, feels exciting, but also overwhelming. Your comments hit home. I realized it is all about starting and participating, regardless of whether you are creating a masterpiece, or not. I am looking forward to this year’s 12×12, meeting new people, and exploring the world of children’s literature. This is going to be a wonderful new year!

  7. I’ve been moving slowly working on one manuscript for over 2 or is it 3 years. I am hoping to move much faster with the inspiration and motivation of the 12X12 community. It’s all about the journey! Thanks for sharing your story, Tim.

  8. Thank you for sharing your journey! Hearing your story is helpful and hopeful. I have songs that I am want to turn into picture books, so the songs you’ve written to go alongside Julie’s picture book apps are especially encouraging.

  9. Tim, what a great success story and you’ve reminded us that you must put in the effort through all stages of creation and revision, to gain the sought after prize – publication! Butt in chair! We need to hear it over and over again. I’m pulling out a favorite manuscript that’s going nowhere the way it is, and I’m going to rewrite it! I am. Thanks for the pep talk!

  10. Thank you for sharing your story Tim! This is my first year at 12 x 12 and I’m already impressed by the supportive community and inspired to carve out the time to write. I found my way here from PiBoIdMo as well, and am building off some of the ideas from last November. I’m looking forward to checking out your books!

  11. Thank you so much for sharing your story, Tim. I did PiBoIdMo without even knowing 12×12 existed, but here I am and the fit is amazing! Looking forward to your next books.

  12. Thank you for the advice! Love the idea of 1,000 stories and writing all the ‘bad’ ones to get to the good ones.
    I made a pledge to myself to read 1,000 picture books to learn from them. Now i will add to that pledge to write 1,000 picture books to get to the good ones. Mahalo! ~ Mary

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