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12 X 12 June 2015 Check-In!

12 x 12 June 2015 Check-In!


Well folks, I hope one of you will be able to explain to me how we are now HALFWAY through the 12 x 12 challenge for 2015! Whoever is responsible for this, please reveal yourself so the others will not be punished. 🙂

Seriously, I’m feeling a little anxious about the passage of time. I have only written one new draft this year, waaaay back in January. I really, REALLY wanted to change that statistic this month, but I had to once again dive into intense revisions on the picture book biography I’ve been working on for, oh, two years. The good news? It’s out on submission now, and I’m hoping for some creative space to open up in my brain for July. Shouldn’t be too difficult to do since I’ll be spending most of July in my beloved Italy.

Now tell us your progress. Did you complete a draft and/or revision in June? Let us know in the comments and in the Rafflecopter. This month’s winner will get a consultation with Julie to answer your questions about publishing today – anything from digital to traditional, crowdfunding, apps, you name it! Good luck to YOU!

Here is what you need to do to check in for a chance to win a consultation with Julie:

  1. See the Rafflecopter widget at the end of this post that says “Consultation with Julie” at the top.
  2. Click on the “Comment on Roxie’s Blog Post” button. It will reveal the task, which is to comment on Roxie’s blog post. If you haven’t comment yet, you can click HERE and comment. Commenting on Roxie’s Featured Author post and clicking enter will get you one entry in this month’s Rafflecopter whether you completed a draft or not. When you click ENTER on that option in Rafflecopter, the next two options will open up.
  3. Click on the “Wrote a PB Manuscript” button. This will ask if you completed a PB draft in June. If you did, click ENTER, if you did not, move on to the next step.
  4. Click on the last “Revised a PB Manuscript” button. This will ask if you revised a PB in June. If you did, click ENTER. If not, move on to the next step.
  5. Submit your entry. Rafflecopter will track your points.

You have until midnight Eastern on July 1st to enter your results. Rafflecopter will draw a winner and I’ll announce it on the blog on July 2nd.

It’s all downhill from here! Get that PB idea written in July!

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  1. I’m feelin’ great! I wrote seven first drafts in June and revised three manuscripts. I’m gonna get where I want to be or else I’ll die trying! Either way, I’m lovin’ my writing life!

  2. Phew! I FINALLY got a new draft written. And revised multiple manuscripts. And submitted multiple stories to agents. Now the waiting game has begun yet again. But what a fun career. I think I could do this for a very long time. 🙂 Hopefully someday I will get paid. . . .

  3. I finished two new drafts in June. I’m revising one of them, but I’m also revising a draft of a pb that I wrote long before becoming a member of this amazing community. That particular pb will be published by Lee and Low–hopefully in 2016. We’re in final edits now so that’s why I’m including it in my accomplishments here. Hope that’s okay! By the way…I’m with you on the passage of time! It’s blowing past like a summer breeze!

  4. I am so happy to have a draft of a new manuscript done and going off to my critique group shortly. I kept the distractions away and used the motivation of 12×12 to just do it! Happy!

  5. Just finished a good first draft for June – whew! Revised one ms, and revised illustrated character sketches a gazillion times this month – think I have the little fella now too! Half a year done and feeling good!

  6. Finally got a new manuscript rolling – can’t seem to give it a good ending. Still a great leap for me after 2 full months of block. Now to get it out for critiquing. The ending can come later (says I).

  7. I had a wonderful month with a ton of writing, a BIRTHDAY, and I attended a weeklong children’s literature conference and got to meet Mac Barnett, Jennifer O’Connell, Aaron Reynolds, Patricia MacLachlan, and a ton of others. It was like Kid Lit Nirvana!

    1. Oh, that must have been wonderful! Was that the one in Shenandoah – The Shenandoah Children’s Literature Conference? I had received a flier on it and it looked fabulous. It must have been awesome to have been around all of those Rock Stars in the Kid Lit world!

  8. June has been a productive month for me. I did write a manuscript, and I revised two other manuscripts. Yay! Summer vacation is wonderful.

  9. Hi,
    I am thankful fro 12×12 because it is motivating me to continue – I finally was able to get Perfect Piper and the Porcupine down to 800 words! I wrote a simple story – picture it as a board book. I need to do some more research on board books to make sure I hit the key points.

  10. Phew! I got my draft and revision done just in the nick of time! Nothing like a holiday to put you behind.

  11. Wow- squeaked in a new PB ms draft! Yay! Congrats to all who did the same during this busy, wonderful summery month of June

  12. Drat! No new manuscripts in June, but I did revise a manuscript. Still, really want to focus on some new writing this next month.

  13. Yay for Julie’s 12×12…and yay for Kristen’s NonFicPic Week! I got 7 nonfiction drafts done this month…and revised several other manuscripts before I sent them for the WOW Retreat. And maybe because I felt guilty for having concentrated so exclusively on nonfiction this month, I wrote a fiction pb story. In one day. On the last day of June. And it has an edginess/funniness to it that my stories have been missing in the past. Maybe it’s the wonderful webinars I’ve been watching this year. (thank you 12×12) Maybe it’s the dozens of picture books I’ve read this year so far. (thank you challenges like ReFoReMo) Or maybe it’s just the luck of the muse who smiled down on me. Whatever it is, I’m pretty stoked. 🙂

  14. June was a very productive month. I wasn’t sure I would be able to keep the momentum going, but the thought of 12×12 keeps me writing. I wrote a new draft, edit the draft I wrote the month before and finished three paintings for my portfolio.

  15. I did get some revisions done. And have submitted them (fingers crossed) but no new drafts. Happy to be part of a critique group now, too. July should be the month for new writing.

  16. Was able to come up with a draft that turned out to be a combination of a few ideas. I’m finally learning to write with illustrations in mind that are doing a good deal of the storytelling!

  17. This month was another good one for me, even with all my computer glitches. I wrote 2 PB drafts and revised 3 existing PiBoIdMo manuscripts as well as revising all of my query letters

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