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12 X 12 July 2019 Good News!

12 x 12 July 2019 Good News!

Welcome to the monthly digest of all the great “goings-on” of 12 x 12 members. Congratulations to everyone for their achievements. There is so much to celebrate! This month we only have one 12 x 12 book being released, but we make up for that with FIVE agent signings and FIVE book deals! All other good news was submitted before July 1st. Be sure to have your good news submitted by the 1st of the month for inclusion in that month’s Good News Post. A link to the Good News form can be found under Important Announcements in the 12 x 12 forum.

On to the celebration! Be sure to click on the links to tweet and share the good news around the web!

Book Birthdays

Congratulations to Leila Boukarim on the release of A WARM CHRISTMAS (Marshall Cavendish International [Asia])!(Click to Tweet)

A Warm Christmas by Leila Boukarim


Signed! Look who has an agent!

Charlotte Offsay signed with Nicole Geiger of Full Circle Literary Agency! Woohoo! Charlotte Offsay agent

Costantia Manoli-Rumfitt signed with Jennifer Weltz of Jean V. Naggar Literary Agency! Way to go! Costantia Manoli-Rumfitt agent

Cynthia Harmony signed with Natascha Morris of BookEnds Literary! Congrats! Cynthia Harmony agent

Joan Maher signed with Natascha Morris of BookEnds Literary! Agency sisters! Awesome!Joan Maher agent

Tara Hannon signed with Jordan Hamessley of New Leaf Literary! Three cheers!

Tara Hannon agent


New Book Deals

Congratulations to Anitra Schulte on the sale of DANCING WITH DADDY to Kelsey Skea at Amazon/Two Lions! Cheers! Anitra Schulte Dancing with Daddy Announcement

Congratulations to Gabi Snyder on the sale of LISTEN to Sylvie Frank at S&S/Wiseman! Awesome! Gabi Snyder Listen announcement

Congratulations to Katelyn Aronson on the sale of PIGLETTE to Tamar Brazis at Viking! Fantastic! Katelyn Aronson Piglette Announcement

Congratulations to Meghan Browne on selling THE BRAVE LIFE OF DOROTHY LUCAS to Tamar Brazis at Viking!

Meghan Browne Dorothy Lucas Announcement

Congratulations to Rebecca Koehn on the sale of AFTER THE RAIN: DRIP, DROP, PLINK to Naomi Krueger at Beaming Books! Huzzah!

Rebecca Koehn After the Rain Announcement


Congratulations to Srividhya Venkat on winning the Crystal Kite Award 2019 – Middle East/India/Asia Region! WOW!

Srividhya Venkat award


Congratulations to Nadine Gamble on BOOKS FOR EVERYONE being shortlisted for the OpenIDEO Early Childhood Picture Book Challenge!

Nadine Gamble award


Congratulations to all our members on seeing their hard work pay off! We are so proud of you! 12 x 12 members, if you have good news about a new book, agent signings, book deal, or writing award, share it with us. If you added your good news after July 1st, look for your news in the August Good News post. You’ll find the link to the Good News form in the Important Announcement section of the forum.

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  1. Congratulations to everyone on an incredible achievement! I want to send a special shout-out to two of my favorite critique partners . . . Congratulations to Charlotte Offsay on finding the right agent! I am so happy for you! And congratulations to Nadine Gamble for her short-list award! I am so happy for you too!

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