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12 X 12 August 2019 Good News!

12 x 12 August 2019 Good News!

Welcome to the monthly digest of all the great “goings-on” of 12 x 12 members. Congratulations to everyone for their achievements. There is so much to celebrate! This month we have a full slate of 12 x 12 books making their debut! All other good news was submitted before August 1st. Be sure to have your good news submitted by the 1st of the month for inclusion in that month’s Good News Post. A link to the Good News form can be found under Important Announcements in the 12 x 12 forum.

On to the celebration! Be sure to click on the links to tweet and share the good news around the web!

Book Birthdays

Congratulations to Sarah Hoppe on the August 1, 2019 release of WHO WILL? WILL YOU? (Blue Whale Press)!(Click to Tweet)

Who Will Will You by Sarah Hoppe

Congratulations to Rina Singh on the August 6, 2019, release of A MEETING IN THE SKY (Creative Editions)! (Click to Tweet)

A Meeting in the Sky by Rina Singh

Congratulations to Deirdre Prischmann on the August 6, 2019, release of NO HUGS! (Amicus Ink)! (Click to Tweet)

No Hugs by Deirdre Prischman

Congratulations to Stacey Corrigan on the August 6, 2019, release of THE PENCIL EATER (MacLaren-Cochrane)! (Click to Tweet)

The Pencil Eater by Stacey Corrigan

Congratulations to Hannah Stark on the August 6, 2019, release of TRUCKER AND TRAIN (Clarion Books/HMH Kids)! (Click to Tweet)

Trucker and Train by Hannah Stark

Congratulations to Shannon Stocker on the August 15, 2019, release of CAN U SAVE THE DAY? (Sleeping Bear Press)! (Click to Tweet)

Can U Save the Day by Shannon Stocker

Congratulations to Meeg Pincus on the August 15, 2019, release of MIEP AND THE MOST FAMOUS DIARY: THE WOMAN WHO RESCUED ANNE FRANK’S DIARY (Sleeping Bear Press)! (Click to Tweet)

Meip and the Most Famous Diary by Meeg Pincus

Congratulations to Fatma Al Lawati on the August 15, 2019, release of SAAD AND SAEED SERIES: SAAD IN SAEED’S CLASS (Mayaseen Publishing)! (Click to Tweet)

Saad and Saeed by Fatma Al Lawati

Congratulations to Ashley Wheelock on the August 26, 2019, release of WE TOOT! (House of Tomorrow)! (Click to Tweet)

We Toot by Ashley Wheelock

Congratulations to Jodi Moore on the release of I LOVE MY DRAGON! (Flashlight Press)! (Click to Tweet)

I Love My Dragon by Jodi Moore banner

Congratulations to Chana Stiefel on the August 27, 2019, release of MY NAME IS WAKAWAKALOCH (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt)! (Click to Tweet)

Wakawakaloch by Chana Steifel

Signed! Look who has an agent!

Anna Lazowski signed with Moe Ferrara of BookEnds Literary! Woohoo! Anna Lazowski agent

Mary Vander Plas signed with Colleen Oefelein of the Jennifer De Chiara Literary Agency! Way to go! Mary Vander Plas agent signing

New Book Deals

Congratulations to Emily Kilgore on the sale of THE WHATIFS to Charlie Ilgunas at Little Bee! Cheers! Emily Kilgore PW Announcement

Congratulations to Hope Lim on the sale of MOMMY’S HOMETOWN to Kate Fletcher at Candlewick! Awesome! Hope Lim PW Announcement

Congratulations to Janet Sumner Johnson on the sale of HELP WANTED: MUST LOVE BOOKS to Christianne Jones at Capstone! Fantastic! Janet Johnson Help Wanted.Deal Announcement

Congratulations to Kirsten Pendreigh on selling LET THE BABY PUSH THE BUTTONS! to Rob Broder at Ripple Grove Press! Way to go!

Kirsten Pendreigh - Push the Button announcement


Congratulations to Gela Kalaitzidis on winning the SCBWI LA Twitter Banner Contest!

Congratulations to Mary Kate Bolinder on CITY BLOCK ROCK being shortlisted for the OpenIDEO Early Childhood Book Challenge!

Mary Kate Bolinder Award

Congratulations to Barbara Renner on winning the 2019 Purple Dragonfly Book Award in the Animal/Pets Category for QUINCY THE QUAIL AND THE MYSTERIOUS EGG!

Barbara Renner award 1

More congratulations wishes to Barbara Renner on winning the 2019 Purple Dragonfly Book Award from Story Monsters Ink for Illustrations for SPRING! TIME TO BUILD A NEST!

Barbara Renner award 2


Congratulations to all our members on seeing their hard work pay off! We are so proud of you! 12 x 12 members, if you have good news about a new book, agent signings, book deal, or writing award, share it with us. If you added your good news after August 1st, look for your news in the September Good News post. You’ll find the link to the Good News form in the Important Announcement section of the forum.

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  1. Congratulations on all the great news! This is why 12 x 12 is the place to be.

    Hip Hip Hooray to my On the Scene in 2019 partners, Stacey Corrigan and Sarah Hoppe! I am so happy for both of you!

  2. Congratulations on all the great news! This is why 12 x 12 is the place to be. Stacey Corrigan and Sarah Hoppe, congratulations on your debut books from one of your partners at On the Scene in 2019!

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